Liktoon's Boat - a children's book about money

Liktoon’s Boat is not only a magical adventure filled with colorful illustrations – it’s also a fun introduction to concepts like earning and saving money for a goal. Liktoon - who lives in Kindleberry, a village in a magical world - dreams of exploring the ocean, but he doesn’t have a boat. With the help of his friends, he sets out to make his dream come true. Each enchantingly illustrated page of the Liktoon's Boat focuses on actions, decisions and emotions that Liktoon goes through in the process of achieving his goal. 


Liktoon's Friends


Ge is a magical creature and Liktoon's mentor friend. Ge can change into many shapes - bird, monkey, fish and dragon etc. You can spot Ge with her colorful scales and beautiful infinity tiara. 


Tumtun is Liktoon's best friend. He loves playing at the beach and climbing on trees. Tumtun loves magic. His greatest wish is to become a magician. Tumtun spends hours in a day learning about magic and becoming the best magician ever!


Zoolie and Liktoon are friends since Liktoon was 2 years old. Zoolie loves swimming and splashing water on her friends. Zoolie is a genius at science and mathematics and wants to travel to the space to see the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. 


Darla is Liktoon's next door neighbor. She loves to build and design castles, houses and buildings. When she grows up, Darla wants to become an architect and build a whole new village.


Liktoon is the main character of our book - Liktoon's boat. Liktoon lives in a small village called Kindleberry, which is in a magical world. His greatest wish is to explore the ocean, discover new islands, find hidden treasures and meet new people and magical creatures.